Security for school students and children

Provisions prohibiting discrimination, harassment and degrading treatment are contained primarily in Chapter 6 of the Education Act (SFS 2010:800) and in the Discrimination Act (SFS 2008:567).

Two young girls looking at eachother

The provisions of the Education Act are designed to hinder and prevent degrading treatment, such as bullying, that is not directly attributable to any particular grounds of discrimination. The Discrimination Act is intended to combat discrimination on grounds of gender, ethnic origin, religion or other belief, sexual orientation and disability in the activities regulated by the Education Act.

Furthermore, Chapter 5 of the Education Act contains provisions on security and peace in which to study including rules as well as disciplinary and other special measures.

Want to read the legislation in full?

The provisions on degrading treatment and discrimination in the Education Act (SFS 2010:800) and the Discrimination Act (SFS 2008:567) can be found on the Riksdag's website under 'Dokument' (in Swedish only).