Archive: Term of service 06 October 2006–04 October 2010

Biljana Plavsic will be conditionally released

Mrs. Biljana Plavsic was convicted in 2003 by the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia for crimes against humanity and sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment. At the request of the tribunal, the Swedish Government decided on 12 June 2003 that the sentence may be enforced in Sweden. Biljana Plavsic serves her sentence in a Swedish prison since 26 June 2003.

Swedish law and the agreement between Sweden and the International Tribunal states that enforcement of prison sentences imposed by the Tribunal shall be conducted in accordance with Swedish regulation governing prison sentences. The Tribunal retains a decisive influence over the sentence. The main rule in Swedish law is that conditional release takes place when the convicted person has served two thirds of the total term of imprisonment. The International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia has in a decision on September 14th 2009 consented to conditional release of Mrs. Plavsic in accordance with Swedish law. The Tribunal has, in its decision, stated that conditional release at two thirds of the prison term is in accordance with the Tribunal's case law regarding other persons convicted by the tribunal for crimes against humanity.

Today the Swedish Government has decided on conditional release of Mrs. Biljana Plavsic in accordance with Swedish law and the decision of the Tribunal. She is to be released on 27 October 2009. Thereby the enforcement of the sentence in Sweden will be terminated.


Martin Valfridsson
Press Secretary to Beatrice Ask