Archive: Term of service 06 October 2006–04 October 2010

Iran's Ambassador summoned to Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Iran's Ambassador in Stockholm was summoned today to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to meet State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Frank Belfrage. Mr Belfrage delivered a sharply worded message to Ambassador Eslami concerning the locally engaged UK embassy staff in Tehran who are being detained by Iranian authorities.

"The United Kingdom has the full support of the EU in the situation that has arisen. We demand that Iran immediately release the locally engaged staff who are being detained. If this does not occur, the EU will take further action. We have communicated this today to Iran's Ambassador in Stockholm," said State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Frank Belfrage following the meeting.

"Iranian ambassadors in all EU Member States will be summoned shortly in a similar fashion to receive the same message. As holder of the Presidency, Sweden will maintain ongoing contact with Iran on this issue," continued Mr Belfrage.


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