Areas of responsibility

Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag has the following areas of responsibility:

  • Integration

    Integration concerns the equal rights, obligations and opportunities of all, irrespective of ethnic and cultural background. This sphere of responsibility includes introducing new arrivals into the labour market and society in general, compensation to municipalities for refugee reception, Swedish citizenship and urban development.

  • Discrimination

    The Government's aim is a society free from discrimination. This area includes measures to combat discrimination on grounds of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnic origin, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. Measures to combat racism, homophobia and other, similar forms of intolerance and issues to do with the situation of LGBT people are also linked to this area.

  • Human rights at national level

    Responsibility for human rights is a matter of coordinating and developing human rights issues at national level. This includes responsibility for reporting to UN committees on compliance with certain conventions.

  • Swedish citizenship

    Swedish citizenship legislation is based on the principle of jus sanguinis, which means that citizenship is acquired at birth if either of the parents are Swedish citizens. Another fundamental principle is to avoid statelessness. Sweden has accepted dual citizenship since 2001.

  • National minorities

    Minority policy concerns support for the national minorities and historical minority languages. The languages and cultures of the national minorities are part of our common Swedish cultural heritage. Strengthening protection of the national minorities is part of Sweden's work to safeguard human rights.