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New phase for work with Swedish mineral strategy

For some time, the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications has been leading the work on producing a strategy for the long-term sustainable use of Sweden's mineral resources. This work is now entering a new phase and plans call for three dialogue meetings to be held during the course of the year, the first of which will be in May. Regions, education institutions, county administrative boards, the industry and other relevant actors are invited to provide input for the strategy.

"Our ambition regarding the mineral strategy is to take a comprehensive approach regarding future challenges and opportunities facing the Swedish mining and mineral industry," says Minister for Enterprise Annie Lööf.

The mineral strategy is expected to be finalised in late 2012. The Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) is assisting the Government with the preparation of the strategy.

In February 2011, the European Commission presented a communication on raw materials and markets for base products. The Commission welcomes the creation of national strategies as part of the work towards achieving these goals. In this context, Sweden is an important country, a country rich in natural resources and raw materials and one of Europe's leading mineral producers.

"I am constantly impressed by the Swedish mining and mineral industry. Even though we are presently one of the EU's leading ore and metal producers, we cannot rest on our laurels - the industry and the public sector must fight each and every day to defend our position. A mineral strategy will be a very important tool in this work," says Ms Lööf.

The global demand for mineral raw materials is a challenge to responsible extraction and production that is sustainable in the long term. Sweden has good geology and generally good conditions to offer companies wishing to invest in prospecting and mining operations.


Kenneth Hultgren
Press Secretary to Annie Lööf
Mattis Loberg
Desk Officer