Environmental Sweden in brief

The overall aim of environmental policy in Sweden is to pass on to the next generation a society in which all the major environmental problems have been solved. To achieve this, the Swedish Riksdag has adopted 16 environmental quality objectives relating to the quality of Sweden's environment, and most of them are to be achieved by the year 2020. Each environmental quality objective has between three and eight interim targets. Progress towards these objectives and interim targets is monitored and evaluated by the Environmental Objectives Council.

The 16 national environmental quality objectives are:

  1. Reduced Climate Impact
  2. Clean Air
  3. Natural Acidification Only
  4. A Non-Toxic Environment
  5. A Protective Ozone Layer
  6. A Safe Radiation Environment
  7. Zero Eutrophication
  8. Flourishing Lakes and Streams
  9. Good-Quality Groundwater
  10. A Balanced Marine Environment, Flourishing Coastal Areas and Archipelagos
  11. Thriving Wetlands
  12. Sustainable Forests
  13. A Varied Agricultural Landscape
  14. A Magnificent Mountain Landscape
  15. A Good Built Environment
  16. A Rich Diversity of Plant and Animal Life

Read more about the evaluation of progress, interim targets, measures proposed and the sharing of responsibilities at the Environmental Objectives Portal. These are also described in the Environmental Objectives Council's evaluation of the environmental objectives from 2008 Miljömålen- nu är det bråttom! (Environmental objectives- No time to lose) Environmental Objectives Portal.