The responsibilities of the Ministry of Employment include a number of ongoing committees.

Some matters the Government deals with are more difficult to solve than others and need a particularly thorough examination before a draft decision can be formulated. It may, for example, be a question of major comprehensive decisions that will affect Swedish society for a long time to come, or of technically complicated issues.

Prior to such decisions the Government may choose to appoint a committee of inquiry to look into the matter. Committees shed light on an issue in accordance with the terms of reference established by the Government. The terms of reference specify the issue to be examined, the problems to be solved and when the committee shall have completed its task.

When the committee is ready, the results are published in one or more reports in the Swedish Government Official Reports Series (SOU).


Questions about ongoing work in committees are answered by the respective committee or the Ministry under which the committee is organised. Call the Government Offices, phone +46 8 405 10 00.