International work

Nordic Cooperation

The Ministry of Employment plays an active role in intergovernmental cooperation in the vicinity of Sweden. Formal Nordic cooperation within the Ministry's areas of responsibility occurs within the Nordic Council of Ministers for Labour and the Working Environment and covers the labour market, labour legislation and work environment. Cooperation in the entire Baltic Sea area is also very important for Sweden.

Council of Europe

The Ministry of Employment is responsible for issues related to the revised European Social Charter. The Charter contains provisions on fundamental social rights, many of which apply to the working life. The Ministry amongst other things reports on how well Sweden is complying with the Social Charter and takes part in assessing how other countries have applied the Charter.

International Labour Organization (ILO)

The Ministry of Employment is responsible for Sweden's cooperation with the ILO, the UN specialized agency for employment and improved working and living conditions. The ILO is unique in its tripartite structure; decisions are taken jointly by governments, employers and workers. The Ministry of Employment takes part in the ILO's work to draw up ILO conventions and other ILO instruments and to promote and monitor their application. Representatives of the Ministry take part in the tripartite ILO committee. This is where national viewpoints on the work of the ILO are prepared.