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Näringsminister Ibrahim Baylans tal vid Pre-Summit


I september 2021 bjuder FN in till ett toppmöte om livsmedelssystem, Food Systems Summit 2021 (FSS), i syfte att förändra våra livsmedelsystem till att bli mer hållbara. Inför toppmötet arrangeras konferensen Pre-Summit i Rom 26-28 juli. Näringsminister Ibrahim Baylan höll under konferensens andra dag ett tal om det arbete som hittills har utförts och de svenska prioriteringarna. Talet fokuserade bland annat på de nationella dialogerna, vikten av jämlikhet och jämställdhet, skolmatens betydelse, mål för hållbar och hälsosam livsmedelskonsumtion samt våra goda erfarenheter av att bygga starka partnerskap.

Excellencies, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

It is an honour to address the Pre-Summit of the Food Systems Summit. Let me express my gratitude to the UN Secretary-General, the Deputy-Secretary General, and the Special Envoy for the Food Systems Summit, for enabling our discussions.

Looking towards the Food System Summit, it is my firm belief that the Summit should generate an ambitious outcome. A successful transformation of our food systems can only happen if all three dimensions of sustainability are addressed at the same time.

The right to food is a human right. We must address inequalities. We cannot accept a world where some suffer from the lack of food, while others have more food than they need. Gender equality is a major transformative power in this regard.

We also need to ensure robust systems, which are resilient and continue to serve their purpose even when there is a crisis. To achieve this, we need continued worldwide openness and collaboration.

In preparation for the Food Systems Summit, Sweden has held seven national dialogues and participated in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ regional Food Systems Dialogue. One of our main conclusions from our dialogues is that the level of knowledge is high, and the will to contribute to change is even higher. This is true across sectors and stakeholders, not the least the private sector.

We can also see much engagement from youth. But we cannot wait for the next generation. We must act now and do what we can to provide a better future.

Please let me highlight a few aspects that we are working on in our draft national pathway, based on our national dialogues.

Firstly, substantial work has been done based on our current food strategy, adopted by Parliament in 2017. It has enabled us to build strong partnerships in the Swedish food system. A key to deliver change will be to enhance and develop our national partnerships even further.

Secondly, the public sector is a fantastic infrastructure for change, and in particular school meals. Free and nutritious school meals are a legal right for all school children in Sweden. We know how important the school meal is in terms of nutrition, health, equality and learning aspects, with direct bearing on sustainable development.

Therefore, Sweden welcomes the initiative to strengthen work on school meals through the School Meal Coalition that is being proposed for the Food System Summit.

Thirdly, we cannot continue to waste resources. We must reduce food loss and waste. Sweden has developed a new method for measuring food losses in primary production, and in the food industry. It will provide more knowledge and information on how we can reduce food loss.

Fourthly, we are working to enhance sustainable and healthy food consumption efforts in Sweden by setting national targets and indicators. The government has given an assignment to two government agencies to propose how sustainable and healthy food consumption goals in Sweden should be designed, and to propose relevant milestones.

Finally, innovation is key to sustainable food systems. Over the past years, Sweden has made substantial efforts on research and innovation in the agricultural and food sector – efforts that will continue over the coming years.  

Innovation is also a key to deliver a diversity of solutions. Countries and their individual contexts require a multitude of solutions.

But the goal must be a joint one – together we must reach the Sustainable Development Goals as set out in the 2030 Agenda.

Thank you!

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