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Questions and answers about Team Sweden


Questions and answers about what Team Sweden is, what it does, the players that make up the team, and more.

Team Sweden
Team Sweden Foto: Regeringskansliet

What is Team Sweden?

Team Sweden is a network of government authorities, agencies and companies that all work to promote Swedish exports abroad. Within the framework of the Government's export strategy launched in 2015, many Swedish companies expressed the need for improved coordination of government support for exports and internationalisation. This has led to the creation of Team Sweden – a common network for all public initiatives to support exports and internationalisation.

What is the role of Team Sweden?

Team Sweden will help make export market entry clear and simple for Swedish companies. Today, a number of public sector organisations and agencies offer similar support but on somewhat different conditions. Team Sweden can offer coordinated and effective export support for businesses wanting to establish an international presence. Team Sweden will focus on:

- exchanging promotion experiences,
- identifying Swedish solutions and systems that can be marketed internationally,
- recommending and coordinating special initiatives, and
- conducting an ongoing dialogue with the business sector.

Who makes up Team Sweden?

List of members

How do I contact Team Sweden?

All Team Sweden players can provide information about Team Sweden and refer you to the player that can best provide you with the export support you want. The contact details of Team Sweden's 19 players are available on their respective websites listed above.

Business Sweden, which offers advice on internationalisation and exports, is a good first point of contact with Team Sweden and can provide access to relevant stakeholders. If you complete Business Sweden's contact form available via the link here on the right, you will receive a response within 24 hours.

In the second half of 2016, small and medium-sized companies that would like help with their export ventures will be able to contact an export adviser at the six regional export centres set up in Dalarna, Kronoberg, Skåne, Västerbotten, Västra Götaland and Östergötland. The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth has the coordinating role; for contact details see the list of players above.

Team Sweden's secretariat is at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The contact person is Joakim Ladeborn.

What help can Team Sweden offer me?

By coordinating the authorities, agencies and companies that promote Swedish exports abroad, Team Sweden can offer broad support to Swedish companies that want to enter the export market. Export support includes advisory services, financing, marketing and the long-term promotion of the image of Sweden.

Can Team Sweden provide financing assistance?

Team Sweden includes the Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board, the Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK), Almi Företagspartner and Business Sweden, which offer different kinds of financing assistance. You can find their contact details in the list of players.

Can Team Sweden provide contact with potential clients in other countries?

Business Sweden is a Team Sweden player that offers a variety of services to companies that would like local business support. The Enterprise Europe Network, which the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth coordinates, can also help you find international business partners.

Can Team Sweden help me when it comes to trade barriers?

One of the Team Sweden players is the National Board of Trade, which functions as the ombudsman and SOLVIT centre for companies encountering trade barriers when doing cross-border business. See the link to players (above) for the contact details of the National Board of Trade.

How is Team Sweden organised?

Team Sweden includes a high-level group of directors general and managing directors of the Team Sweden players. This group meets about once every quarter. There are also thematic Team Sweden groups in Sweden. Today, these include investment, energy, sustainable cities/environmental technology, cultural and creative industries and life sciences as well as selected markets: Brazil, India and China. There is also a Team Sweden meetings and events group, whose aim is to bring more international meetings and events to Sweden.

Team Sweden initiatives are also evident during joint delegation visits by the Government and relevant Swedish agencies and businesses. Within the framework of the export strategy, Swedish embassies and consulates-general around the world work with Swedish promotion organisations and chambers of commerce to create local Team Sweden groups. To find out whether there is a Team Sweden in a specific country, please contact the relevant embassy.

Is Team Sweden on social media?

Yes it is. You can follow Team Sweden on Twitter @TeamSwedenSE


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