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Tal på Global Citizen Festival, Central Park New York


New York, 26 september 2015.

Det talade ordet gäller.

Foto på Stefan Löfven när han höll talet
Stefan Löfven höll den 26 september ett tal på Global Citizen Festival i Central Park, New York. Foto: Regeringskansliet

I’m glad to be here, and proud to represent Sweden and the first feminist government in the world.

In a world where the 80 richest people own as much as half of the global population, we need to be dedicated to the hard work to end poverty, driven by the idea of international solidarity, and determined to achieve equality for all.

And access to sanitation, especially, is crucial for global equality, and for the rights and needs of women and girls.

So as a feminist, I make this pledge: Over the next 15 years, Sweden’s 10 million inhabitants will support efforts to improve access to sanitation for 60 million people throughout the world.

Our country may be cold – but our hearts are warm. Our population may be small – but we will do our part for the greater good.

And I would like to thank you all for not being bystanders; thank you for showing that the spirit of citizenship can be global, and thank you for doing your part in the fight for human dignity.

Together, we will make a difference.