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Utrikesministerns anförande vid högnivåmöte i FN angående Sydsudan


Utrikesministerns anförande vid högnivåmöte i FN angående Sydsudan den 29 september 2015.

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Mr President, Mr Secretary General, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

The people of South Sudan have seen too much hardship and struggle for so young a nation. They deserve not only an end to the civil war, but a secure, peaceful and prosperous future, with equal and sustainable development benefitting all.

The meeting today is very timely, since it gives us an opportunity to welcome the signing of the new peace agreement and allows us to commend this step by the country’s leaders. We now enter a critical phase where the agreement needs to be implemented in good faith and without delay. This will require hard work and commitment by all.

The mediators and partners of South Sudan deserve full recognition and gratitude of the international community. The efforts of neighbouring countries, the African Union, and in particular IGAD and its member states, have been key in bringing about this agreement. We must give these efforts our full support and I want to assure you that Sweden will continue to stand by the people of South Sudan.

As a priority, the signatories must do all in their power to ensure that the ceasefire holds. All levels of society and all ethnic groups must be involved in the implementation. This concerns not least women, who are important actors and agents of change. There needs to be active involvement and participation of both women and men in formal as well as informal processes. Sustainable development, peace and security can never be achieved if half the population is excluded.

The successful implementation of the agreement also depends on ending impunity, again with a particular focus on violence against women.

Let us not lose sight of the still ongoing humanitarian crisis. Sweden was the fourth largest bilateral donor of humanitarian aid to South Sudan in 2014, with a total contribution of approximately 62 million US dollars. We continue to follow the situation closely, and have disbursed 22 million dollars so far this year.

Still, fragile as the situation is, we need to look ahead and bridge humanitarian aid with long term development. Sweden has therefore adopted a strategy for development cooperation with South Sudan to help rebuild critical basic institutions, with a particular focus on the health sector.

But, in our support, we also need to find ways to strengthen the cooperation between the UN and the African Union. Synergies need to be further developed in order to effectively address all aspects of conflict. We need to enhance regional capacities, including with adequate resourcing. Something we have made a main priority in our chairmanship of the UN Peacebuilding Commission.

In concluding, I would like to reiterate Sweden’s commitment to work with South Sudan to help improve the quality of life of its people – fulfilling the great expectations that we all held at independence. Echoing President Kiir’s conclusion in his Address to the Nation on 15 September: “Remember that it is our collective responsibility and love of our country that will make us succeed and feel respected always as ‘One People, One Nation’.”

Thank you.