Anförande av statsministern vid Syrienkonferensen i London

Statsministerns tal vid givarkonferensen ”Supporting Syria and the Region" i London den 4 februari 2016. Talet hölls på engelska.

Det talade ordet gäller.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me commence by thanking our hosts:
the UK, Kuwait, Germany, Norway and not least the UN.
This conference gives us a unique opportunity to discuss how to tackle the Syria crisis in a new way, to restore hope for a better future.

Today, Sweden is significantly stepping up its support for Syria and the region.

I am proud to announce a pledge of 200 million USD over five years in strategic, development financing through Sweden's new Syria Crisis Strategy. It will increase economic opportunities for people and build capacity to provide basic services such as education inside Syria and in the worst affected neighbouring countries.

This funding will also be used to strengthen democratic forces, such as women's networks and other Syrian civil society organisations. Strategic aid today will prepare for a lasting peace agreement in the future.

We must work together to undertake efforts inside Syria. 13,5 million people are in desperate need of our help.

In addition, Sweden pledges another 41 million USD in humanitarian aid for 2016. Last year, Sweden not only delivered on its pledge, but doubled it by the end of the year. Likewise, we will assess the humanitarian needs throughout 2016.

Sweden has received more refugees from Syria than any other Western country per capita, more than 130 000 over five years. I urge other countries that can do so, to show solidarity with those fleeing this horrific war.

I condemn the military escalation in Syria in particular in Aleppo.

It has undermined the roadmap for a political solution defined in UN Security Council Resolution 2254. A military de-escalation by the Assad regime and its allies is required to demonstrate a commitment to negotiate.

We must call for an immediate end to indiscriminate attacks. Full humanitarian access to besieged areas, where over 400 000 people are starving is needed.
This would both save lives, and is essential for resuming negotiations.

Neither the Syrian people nor the international community can afford another failure in Geneva.

Thank you.