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Åsa Romson har entledigats, Klimat- och miljöminister, vice statsminister


Åsa Romsons tal vid klimatmötet i New York


New York den 22 april 2016.
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Ministers, Excellences, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

"What used to be unthinkable is now unstoppable." I believe those were the words used by Mr Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Paris. Future generations will remember Paris as the deal that saved the world as we know it. The strong commitment to implement and fulfil the agreement is shown here in New York today.

Sweden will work for a quick ratification, in which we stand by our strong promises and commitments.

Sweden has taken the path to become one of the world's first fossil-free welfare nations. We do this not just because it is morally right, it is also economically smart. Clean development is the opportunity for economic development in the world today.

The fact that financial market actors have now started to move their investments away from fossil energy is a clear sign that the future development is in low carbon economies.

Going green creates new jobs. Just a small example: around 7.7 million people were employed by the renewable energy industry in 2014 and it grew by 18 % in the year 2015.

In the Fossil-free Sweden initiative the business sector, local authorities and other stakeholders are coming together. They inspire each other and challenge their counterparts around the world in a positive competition on who will get fossil free first.

Partnership with all actors in society is the Swedish model in fighting climate change.

Sweden has positive experience of both reducing emissions as well as improving the economy and welfare in our society. For many years we have used effective policies that put a price on carbon.

Our aim is to ensure that Sweden's work to reduce emissions is long-term, clear and transparent. The government will also propose a new climate law and an independent climate policy council. Swedish emissions shall decrease by at least 85 percent no later than 2045 compared to 1990.

We see that climate change affects the poor and most vulnerable the most. More countries must provide the support needed. Sweden is committed to lead the way on climate finance, being the largest contributor per capita to the Green Climate Fund, the Global Environment Facility and the Adaptation Fund.


We know that Paris was only a stop on our journey. To pursue efforts towards 1.5 degrees will demand much more from all of us. We have agreed on a dynamic instrument and we will need to substantially raise ambition over the years to come. To know where we are, and where we are going, we also need to put in place a robust system for reporting and tracking progress.


Fighting climate change is about supporting each other to shift the paradigm to a fossil-free world. The change that used to be unthinkable is now unstoppable. It is time to go from words to actions, and to do so together.

Thank you.


Helena Hellström Gefwert
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