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Nationellt anförande av Isabella Lövin vid COP22, Marrakech


Foto: Annika Flensburg/Regeringskansliet

Dear Ministers, Excellences, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

In less than a year after COP21 we celebrate the entry into force of the Paris agreement. That is a big success! Sweden has ratified and is a proud party to the agreement that is undoubtedly one of the most important of our time.

The Paris agreement is indeed ambitious, but we can make it!

We have to make it and we will make it.

What make me confident are the changes we already see. Renewable energy is already competitive and electric cars will be within short. Many solutions are underway. No person or country can stop the New Climate Economy as the benefits are so large.

Colleagues, as politicians we have to remove the obstacles for the new solutions and create the right incentives. The reward for the global society will be enormous.


Here in Marrakesh we focus on implementation and the priorities for Sweden are threefold:

Keep the 1.5 degree objectives within reach. Even if all our announced commitments are implemented the warming is estimated to become about three degrees. The ambition cycle and increased mitigation ambition will be absolutely crucial for the years to come.

Develop the Paris rule book. An enhanced transparency system with aligned accounting rules that allows us to track collective efforts and achievements towards the overall targets must be a key feature. Parties and societies need to get clear and comparable information to ensure that we continue to build trust in the Paris agreement.
Keep the balance in the Paris agreement and support those who need assistance in building capacity and develop their national strategies for cutting emissions and tackling the effects of climate change. The Paris agreement and Agenda 2030 are in this respect complementary and mutually reinforcing.


Sweden is certainly not waiting.

After Paris a broad majority of parties in the Swedish parliament has agreed to a proposal for a new climate framework with tougher targets. We aim to be climate neutral by 2045 and cut emissions from transport by 70% within the coming 14 years. A robust new climate framework and climate law will be presented by the government early next year.

We also take responsibility for supporting countries in need. As the biggest donor per capita to the Green Climate Fund and the Global Environmental Facility Sweden is fully committed towards delivering our part of the 100 billion USD. It is an important promise, not least for supporting climate adaptation. However, we must not forget the bigger picture. Many trillions will need to be invested in key sectors over the coming years to support global development. Greening those investments will be the key challenge

Before COP21, Sweden pledged to nearly double its contributions to multilateral climate finance in 2016, compared to 2015. I am happy to be able to conclude that we have reached, and even exceeded that goal.

In addition to our pledge in Paris 2015, I am today proud to announce new contributions of approximately 27 million USD for multilateral climate finance, including support to the Adaptation Fund, the Least Developed Countries Fund and the new Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency.



It is now time for action and implementation. Pursuing efforts towards 1.5 degrees will demand more from all of us. In Paris we all decided to do more and to do it together. We must hold on to that spirit of cooperation.