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Statsråd på denna sida som har entledigats

Mellan den 3 oktober 2014 och den 30 november 2021 var han statsminister.

Statsråd på denna sida som har entledigats

Mellan den 3 oktober 2014 och den 30 november 2021 var han statsminister.

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Joint statement on the occasion of the State Visit by President Michelle Bachelet to Sweden, 10-12 May 2016


Joint statement by President Michelle Bachelet and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

(Gemensamt uttalande på engelska.)

Considering the solid and historic bilateral ties of friendship between Chile and Sweden and the proximity of the 200th anniversary of bilateral relations;

Reaffirming the importance both countries attach to the preservation of peace and international security, democratic principles, the promotion of human rights and social justice, and the rule of law;

Stressing their readiness to cooperate on strengthening multilateralism, the preservation of peace and international security, disarmament and non-proliferation, sustainable development and environmental preservation;

Reaffirming an interest in furthering partnership, in particular in the fields of trade and investment, science, technology and innovation, sustainable energy, climate change, sustainable development, welfare policies and cultural exchange, to the benefit of the Chilean and Swedish societies;

The Government of the Republic of Chile and the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden have agreed as follows:

I Regular bilateral consultations

Chile and Sweden will continue to hold regular political consultations to develop and identify opportunities for closer bilateral cooperation as well as joint action in the international arena.

II Trade and investment

Chile and Sweden reassert their commitment to expand and diversify bilateral trade, boost investment flows and enhance their dialogue on global and bilateral economic and commercial issues.

Chile and Sweden welcome the Chile-Sweden Business Forum on the occasion of President Michelle Bachelet's State Visit to Sweden, with the participation of private and public companies and governmental institutions. Chile acknowledges the permanent support given by Sweden to the process of negotiating the modernisation of its Association Agreement with the European Union. Both countries recognise the importance of the participation of Sweden as an observer state to the Pacific Alliance, which paves the way for future cooperation with the member countries of the Pacific Alliance.

III Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable business, including respect for human rights, is of growing importance in the international debate. Export-oriented countries like Chile and Sweden should work together to promote sustainable business around the world. Social dialogue between the parties on the labour market is of crucial importance when doing business in a responsible way.

Chile and Sweden have strengthened their collaboration on Corporate Social Responsibility by signing a Memorandum of Understanding in which human rights, social dialogue, environmental issues and anti-corruption are given special attention. In this regard, both countries also stress the importance of the Global Deal initiative launched by Sweden and sustainable business as a comparative advantage for companies.

IV Cooperation in the area of welfare

Chile and Sweden have reaffirmed their satisfaction with and commitment to their cooperation in the area of welfare by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

Both countries share a strong ambition to achieve equitable and gender-equal welfare systems/societies for their citizens. Gender equality, health care, public health, geriatric care and the rights of children are examples of areas where Sweden and Chile could share experience and learn from each other.

V Green technologies and innovation, sustainable urban development, and sustainable infrastructure and public procurement

How cities are planned, and how transportation, housing and industry are coordinated, is very important for a healthy environment, sustainable growth and good quality of life for citizens. New innovative solutions, such as bio-based fuels for public transportation, could strengthen development in both countries. By utilising organic waste for the production of biogas, a perceived problem can be transformed into a resource.

By signing a Memorandum of Understanding, both countries have also committed themselves to exploring opportunities for cooperation in the field of sustainable energy, with the ambition of accelerating the transition to a clean energy future.

Both countries welcome Chile's signing of a Declaration of Intent regarding a Global Stars pilot call as part of the process of becoming an associated member of EUREKA, a network that promotes transnational research, development and innovation collaboration.

VI Sustainable mining and green technologies

The mining industry is of great importance in both Chile and Sweden in terms of exports, growth and job creation/employment.

Chile and Sweden have signed a Memorandum of Understanding promoting bilateral cooperation related to sustainable and innovative mining. The priorities for cooperation are improved efficiency and profitability, innovation, mining skills development and industry. It will encourage the establishment of contacts between government and professional operators in the private sector.

VII Sustainable forest management

Both Chile and Sweden have unique forest resources. Sustainable forest management contributes to both countries' shared effort to tackle climate change and achieve sustainable development.

The countries have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to further develop their collaboration in the area of sustainable forest management. Bioenergy, wood construction, research and innovation, the participation of smallholders and forest owners, and gender equality are strategically important areas of collaboration.

Both countries welcome the agreement signed between the Chilean Development Cooperation Agency (CORFO) and the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden to coordinate activities aimed at facilitating and promoting joint projects related to wood construction systems.

VIII Cooperation on science, technology and education

Both sides reaffirm their mutual interest in strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of research and higher education.

The parties took note of the agreement between the universities of Lund and Uppsala and the University of Chile and the Pontifical Catholic University to organise academic forums open to researchers from both countries.

IX Working holidays

Chile and Sweden have signed a working holiday agreement. With this agreement in place, young people will be able to travel more freely and improve their knowledge of a different language and culture. The agreement creates possibilities for the individual and strengthens the ties between our countries.

X Cooperation on cultural exchange

Chile and Sweden reassert their interest in working towards expanding bilateral cultural exchange based on mutual cultural dissemination in creative areas such as literature, music and cinema.

XI Cooperation on triangular development cooperation

Chile and Sweden affirm their preparedness to work together for sustainable development in third countries where cooperation projects of mutual interest are identified.

XII Implementation

At the regular bilateral political consultations, Chile and Sweden will take stock of progress made in implementing the agreements announced today. The two countries may decide to establish joint additional steering groups to monitor implementation in specific areas.

Annex 1

Examples of possible joint actions as a follow-up of the State Visit

- Chile-Sweden Business Forum will allow the establishment of new contacts and the possibility of increasing trade and investment.

- Participation of the Swedish Ambassador for CSR in a seminar on Business and Human Rights to be held in Santiago de Chile at the end of May 2016.

- Continue collaboration and exchange of experiences regarding CSR practices, enhanced social dialogue in the labour market [Global Deal] and implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

- Explore an exchange and collaboration between SENCE and the Swedish Public Employment Agency.

- Exchange of information and experience in the planning, formulation and implementation of public policies in the area of health. Learn about how to deal with the progressive ageing of the populations. Carry out a visit to Sweden by a Chilean delegation.

- Visits of experts and professionals to learn about the public policies, policy implementation and best practices implemented to counter the consumption of drugs.

- Exchange of information to promote women's participation in decision-making spheres.

- Study visits to learn about support and assistance in healthcare for the elderly and persons with dementia, including the gender perspective.

- Explore possibilities of cooperation between public sector actors at central and local government level regarding activities to safeguard the rights of the child, including the role and work of the Ombudsman for Children in Sweden.

- Promote cooperation between the Ministry of Justice of Chile and Fryshuset in issues related to the social inclusion of young people.

- Visit to Sweden during the second half of 2016 of a delegation from the Ministry of Energy to study what Sweden is doing in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

- Visit to Sweden by a delegation from INFOR to study possible cooperation with Skogforsk Institute.

- Implementation of the MOU signed by CORFO and the SP Technical Research Institute.

The first meeting between the universities of Lund and Uppsala and the University of Chile and the Pontifical Catholic University will be held in the city of Lund in 2017, initiating a close scientific cooperation between Sweden and Chile oriented towards joint societal challenges.

Statsråd på denna sida som har entledigats

Mellan den 3 oktober 2014 och den 30 november 2021 var han statsminister.

Statsråd på denna sida som har entledigats

Mellan den 3 oktober 2014 och den 30 november 2021 var han statsminister.