New recruits to lift Sweden’s participation in Expo 2020


The preparations for Sweden’s participation in the World Expo 2020 in Dubai are well under way. Even if much remains to be done, private sector financing is picking up and a further three people are now being employed to contribute their expertise to the implementation phase.

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    Secretariat for Expo 2020. From the left: Anders Lönnberg, Staffan Schartner, Monica Engström, Mattias Hansson, Felix Nyström, Eric Vänerlöv, Nina Ekstrand and Jessica Bjurström.

    Photo: Taimi Köster

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    Commissioner General Anders Lönnberg and Najeeb Muhammed Al-Ali, VD for Dubai Expo 2020

    Photo: Anette Nilsson Exner

An architecture competition launched in August now sees four firms competing for the commission to build the Swedish pavilion in the ‘Sustainability’ area. The winning entry will be presented in the first week of December. Construction project leader is Staffan Schartner. He says:

“Since construction and buildings together account for the largest climate impact of any sector in society, I want to turn this negative trend as quickly as possible. At the World Expo 2020, we will show how we can help build a fairer world together.”

Exhibitions, cultural activities and performances

During the World Expo, 20 October 2020–10 April 2021, many events will be hosted in the Swedish pavilion, such as exhibitions, conferences, cultural activities and performances. Some 25 million people are expected to visit the World Expo, and the Swedish pavilion is expected to receive one million visitors. Mattias Hansson, Programme Director is in charge of the programme activities. He says:

“My most recent assignments, as founding managing director of ‘ABBA The Museum’ in Stockholm and as responsible for the ‘Digital House of Innovation’ Epicenter, mean that I am ready to take on this exciting challenge as Programme Director for the Swedish pavilion at Expo 2020. I will use my wide network to showcase a programme that does the multifaceted and innovative Sweden justice on the world stage.”

Jessica Bjurström, Communications Director who will have marketing responsibility for the entire project, has 20 years of experience in communications, leadership, sales and innovation. She has worked at communications agencies and media houses such as TV4 and Schibsted, where she launched several technical platforms such as internet TV.

“It will be very exciting to market and communicate Sweden’s participation in the World Expo 2020 in Dubai,” says Communications Director Bjurström, who will take leave from her position as managing director of the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies to work on Expo 2020.

Financing secured – partners and sponsors now being engaged

Commissioner General Anders Lönnberg is full of expectation and satisfied with the project’s progress. In June this year, when a large part of the financing by the private sector had been secured, he was able to sign the contract confirming Sweden’s participation.

“The work now continues to engage more partners and sponsors, regions, government agencies and organisations, which is also important for Sweden’s participation,” concludes Mr Lönnberg.

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Published 10 October 2018