Nationellt anförande av statsminister Magdalena Andersson vid Summit for Democracy


Digitalt, den 9 december 2021 (på engelska)
Det talade ordet gäller.

Mr. President, Madam Vice President, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Democracy is the result of women and men demanding fair and equitable sharing of power.

It is something that we must continue to work for – each and every day.

I commend President Biden for holding this Summit for Democracy, and for suggesting concrete pledges to sharpen the focus of the work on democracy. Sweden do its part in this process.


Across the world, we see growing authoritarian tendencies and human rights being violated with impunity.

To reverse these trends, we all have work to do.

We must stand up for shared values and confront those advocating authoritarian government.

And the best way of doing so is by showing that democracy, in the face of these challenging times, still delivers:

It is the form of government that credibly safeguards human rights.

It allows scrutiny of power, accountability and peaceful transfer of power.

It creates stability, security, and economic prosperity.

And it remains the only reliable way to facilitate social and economic equality.

As decision-makers, we must also safeguard equality and inclusiveness.

Because when excluded from society, people are also excluded from any meaningful opportunity to exercise their civic rights and duties.

If we allow inequalities to keep growing, the foundations of democracy will ultimately be threatened.


As Prime Minister of a country celebrating a century of democracy this year, I am committed to developing and deepening our democracy.

We will strengthen our work to counteract racism, enhance legal protection against discrimination at home and remain an active partner for promotion of democracy abroad.

We will also expand our increase international outreach through the “Drive for Democracy” initiative and enable more frank conversations on how to best overcome democratic challenges.

As the current Chair of the OSCE, Sweden promotes human rights, democracy and the rule of law. It is our conviction that promoting democracy is an investment in stability and security. This is something that will also guide our upcoming Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2023.

As a leading tech country, we aim to ensure that technological standards are developed based on democratic principles to serve open societies and democratic development globally.

And in assuming the Presidency of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, we will follow up on the many pledges made during the Malmö Forum in October, to remember the Holocaust and to combat antisemitism and other forms of racism.


Dag Hammarskjöld, the former UN Secretary-General, once wrote: “Only they who keep their eyes fixed on the far horizon, will find the right road.”

So, let us keep our eyes fixed on the horizon. If we do, I am sure that we will not only find the right road but also more companions along the way to democracy for all.

Thank you.